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Everything Happens For a Reason

Hello there!
Hi!! I'm Crystal. I'm so happy and grateful you're here.  

I'm a wife, mom, artist, creator and empath in 
Pittsburg, California.  

I'm super passionate about serving Families especially kids of the next generation and beyond to live in more love and kindness with more fun and ease.  

I serve people who may feel like they don't belong by giving them a safe place to be themselves regardless of our differences.  And I see us as More than, We always are!

One of my super skills is speaking purple which is basically seeing both sides or more of situations and often times playing devil's advocate.  
I have been on this personal development journey for over 30 years and I love helping others with their growth and transformation.


I'm passionate about...




What if your life could be different?

Come get empowered & inspired

If you'd love to be supported by and part of a high vibing and authentic community of strong amazing heart centered people, hop into my group 
From Multitasking Hot Mess Express Mamas shifting from Dis-Fun-ctioning to Fun-ctioning Families

 Here we work together on our health and wellness in mind, body, and spirit by making ourselves a priority.  In doing this, we are more able to serve and be present for family, loved ones, our communities and make a positive impact in this world


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