Happy Holidays and a Happiest of New Years to all of You, Thank you

These 6 blends are ones I created for me or loved ones during my YL Journey.  Using mine & others opinion the Best Essential oils on the planet.  While combining my Love of Multitasking and Ease of use, 
these were ideas to support my path to my Best Wellness.
Woosah for helping me Calm, Center and be Cool in most situations, is a Combination of All 6 Essential oils of the Feelings kit.

Spicy Joy for overall Body & Mind Support at the same time is a Combo of Thieves & Joy

Mermaid Combines Valor for Courage, Lavender for Calm, Citrus Fresh to Cleanse and Refresh the Flow.

Springtime in a Roller for Reminding me of the Joys, Aromas and Freshness of Spring is a combo of Joy & Neroli

Hope, Joy & Gratitude were combined together as we entered 2021 feeling like we could all use a little more of those 3 words, feelings and blends.  Bonus: it has kept me pest free even in summer evenings on the river.

Raindrop to Go was created to keep me going in the Winter when my body at times gives more challenges.  It also supports my overall wellness when the full technique is not available.  I even use a more diluted version on our Dogs & cats.  With a combination of the Raindrop kit.

We have these choices for Rollers
2 are 10ml rollers with Quartz or Amethyst Crystals @ $20
Or 5ml @ $10

If you are already a YL DIYer and want the Recipes, just let me know.

Do you want to be a YL DIYer and haven't got started yet?  Here's a great place to see if it feels right for you.

Do you or someone you Love appreciate Unique Creations including the above and so much more.  Crystal Aroma Creations are made with Love and Light, each as Special as a Snowflake and as One of a Kind as the Humans that Love them too.  I am starting a Shopping event and if you'd love to Join, it will be here and it will be open for 7 Days.

I Truly hope everyone finds their way of enjoying everyday of the Holiday Season and the end of 2022.  As I end this year and look back on the blessings & lessons, I am drawn to sit and wonder...  What would I want more of?  What would I want less of?  What do I appreciate?  What am I Grateful for?  What would I love to be, do or have going in to 2023?   What's important to me and so much more?

I will leave you all with those thoughts, ways I have learned to Love and appreciate me more and more. Thank you for all your Love, support and all the things over the years. Sharing This Years, Shifts in pics for me.

How are we navigating these times?

So if you noticed, there's a lot of Shifts happening for me, the Fam, teams and Businesses.  I am so excited about life today and it hasn't always been that way.  In fact when I took the leap of Faith a lil over 3 years ago I had a really Big Dream and No idea of How yet.   I sometimes love to put the cart before the horse, start pushing the cart myself, then find the horse and teams to move the cart more efficiently.


Well with the Dream, Business and Personal Brand, yep I did the same thing.   Thankfully I have some Got her Done skills that I have been able to use along this journey to keep enough funds coming in to give me the time to deep dive into learning more of What I love and want to share with the world.   I now get to enjoy more Quality family time, plenty of time for Personal development as it starts within me, time to nurture, guide and grow with those along the way ready to learn an easier way to Shift our own Shitake to enjoy more days.  We don't have to agree, we Can disagree with kindness, compassion and grace so we have and create a safe space to be authentic, vulnerable, real and raw. Some of us may not know what that is, I get it, I understand and Boundaries plus communication are key for sure.

As I Partner with more Beautiful Sisters & Brothers that are ready to invest in themselves. others and build an inclusive community of Humans ready to find Creative, Fun solutions to live more and more in Wellness., while creating a life you love to live your best life.  I am especially talking to those Mamas that are feeling frustrated, tired of feeling like doing all the right things, sometimes back n forth between procrastination and perspiration and yet there feels like something is missing.   You've heard about Self care & Wellness and with the chaos of life the Most important Me time, to Recharge & Reset is most likely last on the To Do List. 

Hi, that was me too, after so many times & years of being told and not being in the space to hear it with love, I realized the True importance, Yes, even as a Busy Working, Mama and all the chaos of life.  When I am not taking care of myself first and I decide to show up anyway.  The Mama that shows up, isn't always open to hear how others are feeling, may not even take the time to ask or care about finding out more.  Again I get it, I am / was you too and if I can shift it so can you.  Best part it's not about My way or the Me way, it's in the finding solutions so the We way so more of us, can find grow and share more of our Strengths rather than staying stuck in the weaknesses.

So Before I get in to writing a novel, when it’s a Blog, Bottom line for me, Change Begins in Me.   Not My Fam or Team, in me, I had to get my Mind right and in alignment with my Desires, I had to start being my own Best friend instead of my worst enemy, I meant it well, those that do it too, mean well as well.   Learning to give myself Love, Grace and Compassion while holding myself accountable for my actions and distractions, was key for My Shift and I am thankful.  

Until next time, please know you are Loved, you are Not Alone and We Can make the Shifts to Live a Life we Love waking up to.   I Believe in us and I Believe we can make Partner with and Invest in ourselves and all the people we are aligned to connect with along this Beautiful Journey of life.

BTW, Did you Hear?   I did a thing, I have 3 ways to shop for those Holiday Gifts for you and your Loved ones.  So my First as some of you know is Young Living and their Holiday Launch this year has some Great gifts and more.  Of course this way, has a lifestyle help option as well if you Feel invited, we love helping others navigate through it.  

Oils not your Thing, No Worries...We got You and your loved ones too.   What about Coffee, Leather, Jewelry and so much more...All with Fair wage and trade, Bonus we get to help send Women to Academy, Here is the Website to Check out, the Launch Party will be this Wellness Wednesday as I had the Desire to do this, last year during a Wellness Wednesday Mastermind.  https://ssekodesigns.com/CrystalCoffeeandmore  If you’d love to be invited to the Launch Party to get us started, Respond here and let us know if you have any issues getting in.   Super excited to Share the Sseko Story this Wednesday, HERE.

Still not finding a unique gift, we have a 3rd option and that’s in our OG Shop PurpleCrystal333.org with Fun, Sassy, Inspiration Designs and Quotes as well as Jewelry and more...This year I even started a Holiday Collection and another Collection for those that appreciate our EndoCannabinoid System.  

If you Feel invited, We love when people support our growing Small Family Business as Customers (Thank you), Sharing it out to People you think would love it (Thank you) or just by interacting on all the platforms to get us out there, Thank you..  I / We truly appreciate all the love and support as it allows us to Dream Bigger,  for us and all our loved ones to.   Thank you, this Dream is way Bigger than me and you too.

Pss...Don’t wanna Shop and your feeling called to get some Shitake Shifted in your Mind, Body, Spirit or Home, Click on the Contact me Button at CrystalDuShane333.com and let’s do a 15 minute Consultation to see what is Possible.  If you love to keep informed make sure to click that you want to be in the Newsletter to stay up to date.   

Thank you, I appreciate you, I am Enough and You are too.  What am I grateful for each day and what Can I do today to bring me more love and joy in life in the Everyday?  See you next time.