Wow, many lifetimes lived for me in the last 33 years...Thankful for my journey to here...

In the journey towards achieving our goals, be it in business, personal aspirations, or health-related objectives, the path is often fraught with challenges that can leave us feeling stuck or overwhelmed. It's essential to recognize these difficult moments not as endpoints but as integral parts of the journey toward success. By embracing resilience, we learn that setbacks are not failures but opportunities for growth, teaching us persistence and the capacity to overcome.

Incorporating wellness practices, such as the use of essential oils, can play a significant role in enhancing emotional well-being during challenging times. Diffusing uplifting scents like lemon, orange, or peppermint can help create a positive atmosphere, while lavender or chamomile can support restorative rest, maintaining balance and strength amidst adversity. This approach underscores the importance of self-care in bolstering resilience and maintaining a positive outlook.

The process of striving towards our goals also teaches us the value of celebrating every small victory and finding lessons in setbacks. Reminding ourselves of the initial motivations behind our goals can reignite our drive and focus, helping us to appreciate the journey as much as the destination. Every challenge faced and overcome enriches us with wisdom and experience, making the journey toward achieving our dreams a fulfilling and transformative experience.

How are we navigating these times?

So if you noticed, there's a lot of Shifts happening for me, the Fam, teams and Businesses.  I am so excited about life today and it hasn't always been that way.  In fact when I took the leap of Faith a lil over 3 years ago I had a really Big Dream and No idea of How yet.   I sometimes love to put the cart before the horse, start pushing the cart myself, then find the horse and teams to move the cart more efficiently.


Well with the Dream, Business and Personal Brand, yep I did the same thing.   Thankfully I have some Got her Done skills that I have been able to use along this journey to keep enough funds coming in to give me the time to deep dive into learning more of What I love and want to share with the world.   I now get to enjoy more Quality family time, plenty of time for Personal development as it starts within me, time to nurture, guide and grow with those along the way ready to learn an easier way to Shift our own Shitake to enjoy more days.  We don't have to agree, we Can disagree with kindness, compassion and grace so we have and create a safe space to be authentic, vulnerable, real and raw. Some of us may not know what that is, I get it, I understand and Boundaries plus communication are key for sure.

As I Partner with more Beautiful Sisters & Brothers that are ready to invest in themselves. others and build an inclusive community of Humans ready to find Creative, Fun solutions to live more and more in Wellness., while creating a life you love to live your best life.  I am especially talking to those Mamas that are feeling frustrated, tired of feeling like doing all the right things, sometimes back n forth between procrastination and perspiration and yet there feels like something is missing.   You've heard about Self care & Wellness and with the chaos of life the Most important Me time, to Recharge & Reset is most likely last on the To Do List. 

Hi, that was me too, after so many times & years of being told and not being in the space to hear it with love, I realized the True importance, Yes, even as a Busy Working, Mama and all the chaos of life.  When I am not taking care of myself first and I decide to show up anyway.  The Mama that shows up, isn't always open to hear how others are feeling, may not even take the time to ask or care about finding out more.  Again I get it, I am / was you too and if I can shift it so can you.  Best part it's not about My way or the Me way, it's in the finding solutions so the We way so more of us, can find grow and share more of our Strengths rather than staying stuck in the weaknesses.

So Before I get in to writing a novel, when it’s a Blog, Bottom line for me, Change Begins in Me.   Not My Fam or Team, in me, I had to get my Mind right and in alignment with my Desires, I had to start being my own Best friend instead of my worst enemy, I meant it well, those that do it too, mean well as well.   Learning to give myself Love, Grace and Compassion while holding myself accountable for my actions and distractions, was key for My Shift and I am thankful.  

Until next time, please know you are Loved, you are Not Alone and We Can make the Shifts to Live a Life we Love waking up to.   I Believe in us and I Believe we can make Partner with and Invest in ourselves and all the people we are aligned to connect with along this Beautiful Journey of life.

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If you Feel invited, We love when people support our growing Small Family Business as Customers (Thank you), Sharing it out to People you think would love it (Thank you) or just by interacting on all the platforms to get us out there, Thank you..  I / We truly appreciate all the love and support as it allows us to Dream Bigger,  for us and all our loved ones to.   Thank you, this Dream is way Bigger than me and you too.

Pss...Don’t wanna Shop and your feeling called to get some Shitake Shifted in your Mind, Body, Spirit or Home, Click on the Contact me Button at and let’s do a 15 minute Consultation to see what is Possible.  If you love to keep informed make sure to click that you want to be in the Newsletter to stay up to date.   

Thank you, I appreciate you, I am Enough and You are too.  What am I grateful for each day and what Can I do today to bring me more love and joy in life in the Everyday?  See you next time.

Shifting from Wanting to end my life to Feeling Worthy of Life Part 1 of 3

Have you Fluffed up so many times you feel unworthy, unloved, disconnected and alone?  Sometimes so much is going right and yet still all those things and feeling angry, Not good enough, don’t know where to turn.  You may have beautiful loved ones in your life that just don’t know how to support or help.  And when they or we do, it’s clumsy or even worse causes harm and you may too.

Even though they and we mean it with Love it shows up as Fear, Judgement, Ridicule and Not Good Enoughs.  Btw the way our kids pick up that stuff too, in fact you may be even more like me and you’ve struggled with this since Middle School or earlier.  You may have at times now or in the past had suicidal thoughts and tendencies, depression or even attempts, you're not alone.   I’ve been there too many times.

In fact I wanted to end the pain and hurt, the feelings of worthlessness, failure, not good enough, damaged goods, not worthy of Life, Happiness & Abundance.  The only thing your good at is service to others, doing what you're told not what you want, you only matter if you do the right things, Do, Do, Do, Put on a happy Face, Smile, Don’t show your emotions, don’t let anyone in, don’t trust anyone, they’re only out to get you, Fear, Anger, Rage, Belittling, Don’t Do that, You can’t do that, you’ll be in pain, the rest of your life will be full of pain inflammation and Dis-Ease, getting worse and worse over the years.

And the progression for me began around Middle School the Age my Daughter is now, my Dream Come True and a Big hint, She’s the Why behind my investing and deep diving into My Personal Development, Parenting classes, books while Healing me, Change Begins in Me.

By the time I hit Middle School to say my balloon was Full, ever expanding and leaking out on Everyone I love, would be an understatement.  Btw, Side note, SoulShoppe out of Oakland it's a Workshop given at the Schools and where I learned the balloon reference.  Kids and Adults don’t come with owner manuals, we are all doing the best we can and thankful for better outside resources today.

My suicidal thoughts, self harm and escapism began slowly and continued from then up until now this past Monday, June 7th, 2021, cause yet again I am human and make mistakes, I fluff up, we all do on Shitake.  Thankful for the people, resources and tools I have in my life today as those thoughts are very few these days and if they come, they are fleeting thoughts today that are Released with Love, Compassion, Kindness, Grace and Forgiveness.  Forgiveness & Gratitude have been keys for me.

The Self harm manifested in so many ways from fighting & lashing out to drugs and alcohol, overworking & overdoing for others, showing up in obligation rather than invitation, acting like a martyr, a know it all, the neener neener my whatever is better, talking shitake, hoarding and buying to fill the voids & pains, overstimulating, understimulating, pills, Dr’s, Dis-Ease, Inflammation, Ridicule & Judgement of self and others.

I’ve attempted and done so many things from my youth on, even getting so drunk when I was a new mom, I hoped & prayed I would run into the hill or off the cliff so Jazz could have a better life without me in it.  

I thankfully and gratefully have had many beautiful human angels that sometimes gracefully or clumsily (and I too) and a higher power of my belief that I know today why it wasn’t meant to be.

Many may scoff at why I didn’t seek out more help and Dr’s.  Oh I have from my Grandma when I was younger and throughout life, so many ways and times I’ve reached out.  It makes my head spin and whirl from the experiences and Blessed by the Lessons, Thankful and Grateful today.

The Bottom line is I needed to truly learn How to Shift my own Shitake, even when others do harm, they and I really don’t mean to, sometimes we're just clumsy and ungraceful at it.   Thankfully I have beautiful kids in my life so I can observe, learn and grow for me and hopefully for them too.  Change Begins in Me.   

In the next 2 parts, I’ll share a little more of what I’ve had to do for me and my family, so we could find more Inner Peace and Happiness, the Things in Life that are Priceless to us.   

Thank you so much for Reading and if you’d love more support, check out my Free Private Facebook Group Hardcore & Heart Centered Caretaker Souls, where we support each other in being our best selves.  Encouraging, Empowering while honoring Pauses as needed to make shifts for our own alignment and divine timing.

I’m also in the midst of revamping my low budget course on How to Shift your Shitake, Cause that’s the bottom line, I’d love to help guide & coach you on your journey of shifting the Shitake in our lives that has kept some of Stuck & Stagnant in Mind, Body, Spirit & Home Wellness for far too long.  We have a weekly group call, where we check in and deep dive a little more on ways to shift it through Mindset, Motivation and Movement with a lil more Play, Fun and Ease.  It has helped me shift so much it crazy and I’m thankful.

See you soon for the next 2...

When I finally Realized I'm perfectly Imperfect and it's Okay

When I finally Realized I'm perfectly Imperfect and it's Okay
Hello Beautiful People

I love this weeks Blog, it is around my I'm Perfectly Imperfect Design as this is something I struggled with for tooo long.  Sabotaging relationships as I thought I needed to be heard and understood.   Always Feeling Not Good Enough, Having to prove I was Right, that I am a Good person, always Doing to compensate for the feeling inside me that I was just not good enough and I didn't matter unless I was Doing for others, up until now.   What I know today is no matter how loud or soft we speak, we all hear from where we are.  We may not always agree or even be able to come to a compromise in that moment, especially if there is more than 1 passionate and/or trauma triggered individual involved in the discussion and it's okay.  We can agree to disagree with kindness as what's right for some may not be right for all and again that's okay, You do your Best you Boo.

In my early years of recovery and adulting, I thought I had to take on the world in order to help change the world.  I thought I had to change others thoughts & beliefs in order to be heard and seen, to help make this world a better place.   Fighting for all the injustices of the world.  What I know today, I have to take on myself as it's the only thing I have control of my thoughts, reactions, responses and triggers.  That's the only way to make changes in me and my outside world too.  The cool thing is I also know, Change Begins in Me.   What does that mean?   It means when I was coming home or waking up angry with life that no one did anything right, or what I asked, no one helps, no one hears me, no one listens, all the Shitake I was telling myself, because I didn't feel good enough to ask for help, give myself & others grace while I speak my truth with openness, rather I would speak my truth in defense.   I laugh at myself today as, What the Fluff Crystal, really do you listen when people show up in defense?  Hell to the nah nah nah, let's get really real.   If someone came to me before my inner work, I had very cut and dry, cookie cutter, black & white reactions and responses, my way or no way, short sweet to the point responses and would not hear others thoughts.

However, my beautiful lil family that loves me and themselves so much they refused to engage in my ick or my Grrr.  So while I was stuck in not feeling good enough, mad at the situations, the why me's, why do they do that to me, why do they act like that, all the things, judging others behaviors, thoughts and actions rather than handling my own shitake, it was way easier at that time.  To look at (what I thought was) helping others correct their behaviors to knowing it is something I need to correct in me and if they desire the shift too, they will ask.  I can't save anyone but myself and if they want the change they will do it their way, if they want the help they will ask and as long as I am Being open with love, compassion & grace, as we are all doing the best we can with the resources and experiences we had, we may Rise together.   When I would shove my beliefs on others, rather than listening and sharing our stories for experience strength and hope for each others life's, I damaged a lot of relationships with my behavior.  It's not my job to fix others, it's my job to work on me, show up authentically me and allow others to show up authentically as well, so that we may all speak with kindness for ourselves and each other.  

I was the Beast that roared at the world Doing everything to make it Right.   Today I take on my Inner Beast with the Love, Grace, Compassion and Kindness I used to give so freely to others that took advantage unknowingly and would unleash my protective survival beast.   Today I take the Pause, find my woosah and figure out what the situation is triggering in me.  If it triggers me, it's something I need to resolve in me, it doesn't mean the other persons behavior is cool, it just means, I can only change me.  If I show up in anger and Grrrr, no one or thing can change for the good and truly that's what we are all hear for, the Good.  The Good in life, the Best things in life which are free Love, Connection, Compassion, Kindness and Grace for ourselves and others.   

Bottom line we are all Imperfectly Imperfect and we are all doing the best we can.   When I show up in love, grace and kindness for me first, honoring me and my inner space first then showing up for others, that's where Shift Happens for me.  The best part is I am seeing it in others to and I don't have to be the Grumpy Bear policing everyone else anymore, I can show up and honor myself, if I need to pause or walk away to get my center it's okay.  Those that matter will understand, those that don't understand, that's okay too.   People don't have to get me, understand me or agree with me today to know my worth and this gift for myself is freaking Priceless, so much gratitude for how I Feel inside today.

Thus became the Design I'm perfectly Imperfect.  Because bottom line we all are and Feeling Good inside first is my top priority so I may show up as me, all of me open honest, vulnerable and if others don't like it, that's okay too, that's their Shitake not mine.  I only have control of my thoughts behaviors and actions, no one elses, not even my kid or wife, it's all on me on how I feel.   Wow that's empowering and scary too.   Until next week if you love what you read I dare you to take a pause when triggered and ask 3 questions...
What's this triggering for me?  How can I show up authentically me?  What would I love in this situation?   If you can ask those for yourself, listen & speak with love & compassion move forward, if not, it may not be your shitake to handle, Let that Shitake go.   I have learned My energy and how I feel is way more important than all that, we are all more than that.  We can all agree to disagree with kindness or walk away and let it be, somethings I can't change, it's okay.

See you next week

Oil up Buttercup...this came about because I tried something new

 This Design was created as I was Reminded of a similar time in my journey that I needed to show up for those we love, when it was something I and We were uncomfortable doing.  This saying reminds me, I have the tools to walk through any situation even if I need to take a pause to Smell the Aroma, to Center, Ground and Move on with the next steps, getting out of my comfort zones.   What are some tools you use? 
Some of you are wondering with all the changes and all the things I have shifted over the years, what in the world is she doing.   First I coach & share my experience, strength & hope with others, as mentors, coaches & others stories have helped in my own journey along the way.   Oils have been a part off & on up until September 2015.  We as a family were invited to be a part of our loved ones special day.  Being dressed up and standing up in front of people is not something we are fully comfortable with and didn't know how we were going to get through it, for them.   I started researching what natural ways could help and asked My Sister if she had any ideas to add to the tapping we were already using.   She researched oils & herbs that could work and created a blend especially for Jazz, who was our main concern getting through.  She Called it Suck it Up Buttercup and it helped quite a few more people other than Jazz that Day.   They Remind us to take a pause & Shift our Shitake, to move forward.

When it worked, I began my journey of finding Quality oils to see what else they could support.  I found my bottle of Peace & Calming from 2005, compared it to some other brands oils I had just bought and knew in my heart.  So if you've been wondering are they are part of my life still, AbsoFreakinglutely they are.   They are in every part of my Life, AFT for mental wellness, my Daily Wellness routine and Home Care products and if that interests you, I love talking about them.  If not, no worries we have many tools available, let's see what else could work for you, you do your Best you.

Speaking of other tools did you know we can start with simple shifts to our Conscious language & How WE speak to ourselves and those we speak to as well?  Did you know we can add simple Energy Medicine techniques, EFT( Tapping), Dance, Sound therapy, Yoga, Mindful Movement, Mindset shifts, AFT, Gratitude & Forgiveness practices, Turning the everyday mundane in to fun and play, etc. with or without oils?   There are so many ways to support our Health & Wellness journey and we love hearing & sharing about what has helped along the way.

So this was Created for Me and the Oilers that Love Reminders to Shift that Shitake in our Minds to clear out the clutter and Move forward with the Next steps.   I love and appreciate watching the Shifts in those I love that begin finding Balance in their Wellness journey.

BTW if you didn't see the cute autoplay video when you got this click here to see it.  And did you see all the New stuff coming out as Reminders and Fun Conversation starters?  Check them out Here

Thank you...You are Enough, I love you. I appreciate you, You are Worth it....Just Keep Swimming and Dreaming, You are Here for a Reason   See you next week

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