Happy Holidays and a Happiest of New Years to all of You, Thank you

These 6 blends are ones I created for me or loved ones during my YL Journey.  Using mine & others opinion the Best Essential oils on the planet.  While combining my Love of Multitasking and Ease of use, 
these were ideas to support my path to my Best Wellness.
Woosah for helping me Calm, Center and be Cool in most situations, is a Combination of All 6 Essential oils of the Feelings kit.

Spicy Joy for overall Body & Mind Support at the same time is a Combo of Thieves & Joy

Mermaid Combines Valor for Courage, Lavender for Calm, Citrus Fresh to Cleanse and Refresh the Flow.

Springtime in a Roller for Reminding me of the Joys, Aromas and Freshness of Spring is a combo of Joy & Neroli

Hope, Joy & Gratitude were combined together as we entered 2021 feeling like we could all use a little more of those 3 words, feelings and blends.  Bonus: it has kept me pest free even in summer evenings on the river.

Raindrop to Go was created to keep me going in the Winter when my body at times gives more challenges.  It also supports my overall wellness when the full technique is not available.  I even use a more diluted version on our Dogs & cats.  With a combination of the Raindrop kit.

We have these choices for Rollers
2 are 10ml rollers with Quartz or Amethyst Crystals @ $20
Or 5ml @ $10

If you are already a YL DIYer and want the Recipes, just let me know.

Do you want to be a YL DIYer and haven't got started yet?  Here's a great place to see if it feels right for you.

Do you or someone you Love appreciate Unique Creations including the above and so much more.  Crystal Aroma Creations are made with Love and Light, each as Special as a Snowflake and as One of a Kind as the Humans that Love them too.  I am starting a Shopping event and if you'd love to Join, it will be here and it will be open for 7 Days.

I Truly hope everyone finds their way of enjoying everyday of the Holiday Season and the end of 2022.  As I end this year and look back on the blessings & lessons, I am drawn to sit and wonder...  What would I want more of?  What would I want less of?  What do I appreciate?  What am I Grateful for?  What would I love to be, do or have going in to 2023?   What's important to me and so much more?

I will leave you all with those thoughts, ways I have learned to Love and appreciate me more and more. Thank you for all your Love, support and all the things over the years. Sharing This Years, Shifts in pics for me.

When I finally Realized I'm perfectly Imperfect and it's Okay

When I finally Realized I'm perfectly Imperfect and it's Okay
Hello Beautiful People

I love this weeks Blog, it is around my I'm Perfectly Imperfect Design as this is something I struggled with for tooo long.  Sabotaging relationships as I thought I needed to be heard and understood.   Always Feeling Not Good Enough, Having to prove I was Right, that I am a Good person, always Doing to compensate for the feeling inside me that I was just not good enough and I didn't matter unless I was Doing for others, up until now.   What I know today is no matter how loud or soft we speak, we all hear from where we are.  We may not always agree or even be able to come to a compromise in that moment, especially if there is more than 1 passionate and/or trauma triggered individual involved in the discussion and it's okay.  We can agree to disagree with kindness as what's right for some may not be right for all and again that's okay, You do your Best you Boo.

In my early years of recovery and adulting, I thought I had to take on the world in order to help change the world.  I thought I had to change others thoughts & beliefs in order to be heard and seen, to help make this world a better place.   Fighting for all the injustices of the world.  What I know today, I have to take on myself as it's the only thing I have control of my thoughts, reactions, responses and triggers.  That's the only way to make changes in me and my outside world too.  The cool thing is I also know, Change Begins in Me.   What does that mean?   It means when I was coming home or waking up angry with life that no one did anything right, or what I asked, no one helps, no one hears me, no one listens, all the Shitake I was telling myself, because I didn't feel good enough to ask for help, give myself & others grace while I speak my truth with openness, rather I would speak my truth in defense.   I laugh at myself today as, What the Fluff Crystal, really do you listen when people show up in defense?  Hell to the nah nah nah, let's get really real.   If someone came to me before my inner work, I had very cut and dry, cookie cutter, black & white reactions and responses, my way or no way, short sweet to the point responses and would not hear others thoughts.

However, my beautiful lil family that loves me and themselves so much they refused to engage in my ick or my Grrr.  So while I was stuck in not feeling good enough, mad at the situations, the why me's, why do they do that to me, why do they act like that, all the things, judging others behaviors, thoughts and actions rather than handling my own shitake, it was way easier at that time.  To look at (what I thought was) helping others correct their behaviors to knowing it is something I need to correct in me and if they desire the shift too, they will ask.  I can't save anyone but myself and if they want the change they will do it their way, if they want the help they will ask and as long as I am Being open with love, compassion & grace, as we are all doing the best we can with the resources and experiences we had, we may Rise together.   When I would shove my beliefs on others, rather than listening and sharing our stories for experience strength and hope for each others life's, I damaged a lot of relationships with my behavior.  It's not my job to fix others, it's my job to work on me, show up authentically me and allow others to show up authentically as well, so that we may all speak with kindness for ourselves and each other.  

I was the Beast that roared at the world Doing everything to make it Right.   Today I take on my Inner Beast with the Love, Grace, Compassion and Kindness I used to give so freely to others that took advantage unknowingly and would unleash my protective survival beast.   Today I take the Pause, find my woosah and figure out what the situation is triggering in me.  If it triggers me, it's something I need to resolve in me, it doesn't mean the other persons behavior is cool, it just means, I can only change me.  If I show up in anger and Grrrr, no one or thing can change for the good and truly that's what we are all hear for, the Good.  The Good in life, the Best things in life which are free Love, Connection, Compassion, Kindness and Grace for ourselves and others.   

Bottom line we are all Imperfectly Imperfect and we are all doing the best we can.   When I show up in love, grace and kindness for me first, honoring me and my inner space first then showing up for others, that's where Shift Happens for me.  The best part is I am seeing it in others to and I don't have to be the Grumpy Bear policing everyone else anymore, I can show up and honor myself, if I need to pause or walk away to get my center it's okay.  Those that matter will understand, those that don't understand, that's okay too.   People don't have to get me, understand me or agree with me today to know my worth and this gift for myself is freaking Priceless, so much gratitude for how I Feel inside today.

Thus became the Design I'm perfectly Imperfect.  Because bottom line we all are and Feeling Good inside first is my top priority so I may show up as me, all of me open honest, vulnerable and if others don't like it, that's okay too, that's their Shitake not mine.  I only have control of my thoughts behaviors and actions, no one elses, not even my kid or wife, it's all on me on how I feel.   Wow that's empowering and scary too.   Until next week if you love what you read I dare you to take a pause when triggered and ask 3 questions...
What's this triggering for me?  How can I show up authentically me?  What would I love in this situation?   If you can ask those for yourself, listen & speak with love & compassion move forward, if not, it may not be your shitake to handle, Let that Shitake go.   I have learned My energy and how I feel is way more important than all that, we are all more than that.  We can all agree to disagree with kindness or walk away and let it be, somethings I can't change, it's okay.

See you next week

The Rising Phoenix 2005 til Now 2021

The Rising Phoenix 2005 til Now 2021

When I created this Design I was in one of the Biggest moments of burning down old beliefs of not feeling Good Enough.  I was nicknamed the Comeback kid a long time ago. And this was another one of those times, I was coming back from Broke, Desperate and Feeling Unworthy in all areas of my Life.   When I did things to Shift my own Shitake, that's when I truly felt I was Rising from the Ashes of my past, forgiving myself & others while learning from those lessons.

 Starting even further back than the First picture in the main image, in 2005 I was in a stress filled job, marriage & life, I was over 200lbs and filled with Dis-Ease throughout my Mind, Body & Spirit.  Just like back then, in 2019 I found myself Doing it again, doing all the things everyone else said was right for me, as I thought I was Not Good Enough to make Good decisions.  From then til now took a lot of Inner Shadow work and Releasing,  it is an ongoing process of learning, growing, sharing and loving myself & others as I always Longed & Desired for me.  I am an Aries and for most my life I jumped on impulse & reaction especially if it felt like I was rebelling or saving.  In this journey so many times in my quick actions in the moment without the pause, I barreled over places, things and people that were heart centered and I couldn’t see at the time, when I was caught up in the Race of Life, thinking I didn’t have time to Pause & Meditate, when that’s exactly what I needed most.   I learned, when I take the time for me to honor and love myself more, the joy and happiness started showing up more in my life.   I found when I got caught up in pushing harder, working harder, desperation of not being enough and doing everything for everyone but me, I was depleted Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit in Family, Friends and Community, I forgot about me, up until now.   In 2019 I started doing a lot of looking back to learn the lessons so I could move forward with my Dreams, the reason I took the leap of Faith, the whole Belief in PurpleCrystal333.  What I realized was, the feelings I had, stemmed back from unresolved & unreleased traumas, triggers, fears & survival mode, so that meant I had Inner work to do.  For me the Desire to be Living a Dream while Building a Heart Centered Business and Brand for myself, family and loved ones, Seasoned & New are Worth it and the other souls that Feel this way too are Worth it.   Because I know Deep in my heart if we are willing to do the Inner Work, have the Hard Conversations with Love, Grace & a Safe Space, We CAN Release the Shitake that held us back from BEing & LIVEing our Own Best Lives from our Heart Centers.   Instead of roaring back at us, them & the world, taking a pause…

What would we need if it were us & What would Love do in this moment?

The Rising Phoenix symbolism isn’t a one and done symbol.  It symbolizes the many times I have burned to the ground in my beliefs and actions and no matter what I Rise from those Very Ashes and Soar like the Unique and Gorgeous Phoenix that I am.  

If this resonates with you, find the courage & valor in you to invest in you...3 Days, 7 Days, 28 Days, 7 Weeks whatever you choose, each and every day for what you CAN Commit to for you.  

Take the time to Wake up in Gratitude to start the Day, take 5 to 15 Mins 3 times a Day to Celebrate You (Your Choice) Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Affirmations, Singing, Napping, Gaming (What Brings you Joy, Confidence, Peace & Inner Quiet?), Notice throughout your day thoughts, things & actions that bring you more Fun & Ease rather than Worry & Dis-Ease and at the end of the Day, end with Gratitude & Release of all the challenges, worries & fears so Lessons Can be learned with more Love & Grace.  Learning our lessons and allowing others the Love & Grace to do the same.   I know for me, the more Gratitude I have and the more I Re-Lease to Live more Ease, Life shows me how I can Live & Share my Dream.  Thank you.   

I’d love to hear if you choose to try this and see how it feels for you.  I love hearing how others find ways to bring more Love, Grace, Joy and Fun back into the Everyday, it’s not just for Vacations, Days off, Retirement and Weekends.  

Btw, for me it was a Bonus to add different Essential oils to my routine to Support & Level it up even more, either way, you find and Be your Best, Every Day.  

Wowzers, that was a lot more than I thought I was going to Write, Thank you for Reading, Supporting and Guiding me on this journey.   I love you, I appreciate you, You are Enough and You are Fabulous Because you are.

Did you hear about the Challenge I have for us right now & there’s a Giveaway for 1 lucky person that invests in them by March 31st, 2021.