This Design was created as I was Reminded of a similar time in my journey that I needed to show up for those we love, when it was something I and We were uncomfortable doing.  This saying reminds me, I have the tools to walk through any situation even if I need to take a pause to Smell the Aroma, to Center, Ground and Move on with the next steps, getting out of my comfort zones.   What are some tools you use? 
Some of you are wondering with all the changes and all the things I have shifted over the years, what in the world is she doing.   First I coach & share my experience, strength & hope with others, as mentors, coaches & others stories have helped in my own journey along the way.   Oils have been a part off & on up until September 2015.  We as a family were invited to be a part of our loved ones special day.  Being dressed up and standing up in front of people is not something we are fully comfortable with and didn't know how we were going to get through it, for them.   I started researching what natural ways could help and asked My Sister if she had any ideas to add to the tapping we were already using.   She researched oils & herbs that could work and created a blend especially for Jazz, who was our main concern getting through.  She Called it Suck it Up Buttercup and it helped quite a few more people other than Jazz that Day.   They Remind us to take a pause & Shift our Shitake, to move forward.

When it worked, I began my journey of finding Quality oils to see what else they could support.  I found my bottle of Peace & Calming from 2005, compared it to some other brands oils I had just bought and knew in my heart.  So if you've been wondering are they are part of my life still, AbsoFreakinglutely they are.   They are in every part of my Life, AFT for mental wellness, my Daily Wellness routine and Home Care products and if that interests you, I love talking about them.  If not, no worries we have many tools available, let's see what else could work for you, you do your Best you.

Speaking of other tools did you know we can start with simple shifts to our Conscious language & How WE speak to ourselves and those we speak to as well?  Did you know we can add simple Energy Medicine techniques, EFT( Tapping), Dance, Sound therapy, Yoga, Mindful Movement, Mindset shifts, AFT, Gratitude & Forgiveness practices, Turning the everyday mundane in to fun and play, etc. with or without oils?   There are so many ways to support our Health & Wellness journey and we love hearing & sharing about what has helped along the way.

So this was Created for Me and the Oilers that Love Reminders to Shift that Shitake in our Minds to clear out the clutter and Move forward with the Next steps.   I love and appreciate watching the Shifts in those I love that begin finding Balance in their Wellness journey.

BTW if you didn't see the cute autoplay video when you got this click here to see it.  And did you see all the New stuff coming out as Reminders and Fun Conversation starters?  Check them out Here

Thank you...You are Enough, I love you. I appreciate you, You are Worth it....Just Keep Swimming and Dreaming, You are Here for a Reason   See you next week


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