Hello, Happy Aloha Friday, it’s a Better late than never Newsletter Week for me.  I am honoring myself & the Present as much as possible today, before I move forward.  Yesterday I got to enjoy Distance learning with D & Jazz, working and spent some time with Moms chatting & catching up.   Very thankful for the moments and enjoying the Gifts for the Blessings they are, Priceless.

This gave me Pause to look back on this Design and where I was when I created it.  I was Realizing, I am here for a Reason and need to get My Assets off the Sidelines in all areas of my Life.   I laugh as I can hear the difference in How I say it to myself today compared to when I created it.  I had begun Mindset work and yet I still Believed I needed the Drill Sergeant side of me to Yell & Force me off the Couch and back in the Game of Life,   Yelling and Roaring to GO, GO, GO, ROARRRR, pushing, poking, prodding, grinding and forcing life.  My apologies for all who Love me still after all the Icky Energy I was unknowingly gifting at that time.  Today I know, that side of me had a time and place in the survival of my life and it’s what I knew, up until now.  It had worked well to get me that far.  Yet I still didn’t Feel Good inside about myself, my life, my family, my dream or any of those things. 

In fact I was taking my Shitake out on everyone & everything around me, blaming everything else outside of me for how I felt inside of me. I LMAO at my beliefs then and I didn’t know.  Today I am my own Best Friend and Cheerleader and it Feels so Much Better.

Change Begins in Me not outside of me, this is the Biggest Shift in Mindset, Motivation and Movement and Mind Opening for me.  This Shift finally made me realize life isn’t happening to me, It’s happening around me & for me, for all of us.   My Inner Peace, Joy & Happiness is My JOB as that is Ultimately the only thing I have Full and complete control of.  I can only control how I show up everyday, everything else is out of my control.   So unless there is something I can do in me to Shift the circumstance, it’s not my Shitake so let it be.   I can only Shift my Shitake, no one else's and no one else can do it for me either.  Thus, Shift your Shitake, Cause that’s the Bottom line.  I choose what frequency and how I vibrate in at any given moment thus taking back my power to choose what, when, how and who gets my energy and power.   How FREEing is that?  For me that Shift has been Priceless.   It’s my choice?  Yes.  I can Pause and take a moment to get back to my center?  Yes.  I don’t have to engage and rage to be seen & heard?  No.   I can Pause and ask myself questions about why I am Feeling this way about this situation? Yes.  Is this from past trauma and beliefs?  Is this a pattern?  What’s the lesson I need to learn?  Is this something that needs my Survival mode right now or is it a Stuck pattern I have hauled around with me for too long?   In that Pause, I take my Power back, Heal & Learn what I need to and if it needs to be addressed, then I can show up in My Purple Love Vibration to see all the sides to the full situation (the Big Picture) to choose the Best possible solution and let it Go if there’s nothing I feel invited not obligated to do.   I truly Love and Appreciate a Win Win life today, by honoring myself, the present and the Gift of Everyday to allow all the Freaking Awesome life has to offer as much as possible.  It’s a work in progress as is the journey of life.  Life isn’t about the Final Destination, it’s Truly about Riding the Waves and Enjoying the Ride as Much as possible in the Everyday.   Life has ick, bumps, challenges and all the things And I have the Choice today on what I choose to focus my energy and power on.  I love that I get to take the time to look back and acknowledge where I was and share the lessons with all of you.   I love and appreciate you, all of you even if at times we are distant for whatever reasons, I truly hope you know how much I Love you and Desire the Best for you and your Best Life, each and every day.   

To all the Moms (Fur, Guardians & Double Duties Included) I hope everyday is a celebration for the toughest, most thankless, demanding, no instructions job on the planet. Being in care of another’s life isn’t always easy and yet it can be the most fulfilling as well.  Thank you, for all you do, all you are and all you walk through, Celebrate YOU this Weekend.  What Would you LOVE…

Did you See, I Opened My Throat Chakra, Lookout Now, Much Love and Many Blessings.

BTW, Did you See the Freaking Fluffing Affirmations, I'd love to Record them with awesome background music, release the Affirmations Deck and App...All in the Process and My first Book is being Created, so excited to share the Experience, Strength and Love with all of you.

Be and Do What You Love More and More Each Day


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