When I started Dream building in the Summer of 2018, who knew I'd be living my Dream mornings.  I didn't, for sure!    I don't recall if I believed I could live a life I dream at that time.  I do recall knowing I had people that believed and I had seen transformations in others and had some Dreams come true for me.  I just didn't know how it could be everyday..  So I started doing the work anyway, it couldn't hurt and who knows where it could take me.   

When I started, I was in a Job I had been in for a long time and for a long time it wasn't working for my greater Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness.  I stayed in it after I no longer had the passion, love and desire to Do my Best.   Fear held me in it's grips as I was afraid of leaving a good paying job.  My Health had been declining more and more, I had no energy left for my family, friends and don't even think about Me time, that was out of the question, then.  My job and long commute took me away from home and family on lucky days 8 hrs, most days were 10 to 18 hrs a day depending.  Everyone else in our family, they were raising my first Big Dream come true, our then 8 year old daughter.  I am so thankful and grateful for all the family and friends that helped a long the way as we couldn't have done it alone.  The desire to be the one there and raising her, being more a part of her learning,blossoming and growing, grew & grew.  I had spoke of it and thought about it lot's of times before.  I love the people I worked with, they were awesome and we helped each other grow through some outstanding moments in life.  Thankful for those times and memories, I will always cherish that time of my life for the Lesson's and Blessings it was.

By the end of 2018, with tools and mentors to help me navigate the next part, I left my job/career and began the next piece to our Dreams.  At times it seemed too difficult and I wondered if I/We had made the right decision.  We have had many moments during all this time, we wondered and worried if we were going to make it.   I continued doing the work on my personal development, business development and focused on what was important to me and us as a family. 

This was a totally new concept for me at that time, as I had spent most my life doing for others to prove my worth & doing it at times, because I felt I had to.  I struggled in the beginning of the leap as I had started it with the old mindset I had and thought it was needed in some parts of my journey.   I lost contacts and connections with others for a bit, became very depressed and thought I had to Hustle to make it, rather than reaching out for help.  The first Year and half I was eating a lot of humble pie as I was more focused on hustling, rather than aligning.   I continued to do the work on me and focused on me.   At that time, that meant, understanding there were different truths for others and just because it's their truth, it may not be my truth.  Also learning everyone's unique truth is what makes us our beautiful unique awesome souls as individuals and those together are the full blessings.   So I spent that time learning more of what I love, what some of my family loves and incorporating more of that in our lives.   

Today was a beautiful day of realizing how far I have come and how far we have come as a family.   I woke up earlier than the house as usual, which I appreciate.   Them being lovers of sleep allows me time to focus on starting my day in a positive mindset with routines that work for me to get & stay in higher vibrations more often than not.   Most days I can get me time and the majority of my work day completed before the house wakes up.  I have asked before if they would love to wake up earlier to take a morning walk with the dogs and they both look at me, like, you know who we are, we love our sleep.  So I let it go as I appreciate and love them for them, plus bonus, if I choose, then it's more Me time, Yay

Today was different though, I got up early and went about my morning routine as usual.. I was enjoying my morning, listening to our wind chimes, watching the birds in the yard flutter around, taking in the blessings of the morning and Be in a place of complete gratitude.   As I was about to transition from me time to work time.   Jazz woke up, which occasionally happens but for a short time and then she's out, 10 yr olds, lol.   I was in the middle of a follow up email when she asked if we could go to Starbucks & then take the dogs for a walk.   Yes every now and then we treat ourselves to Starbucks as a reward.  I knew I had work to get done, but she then reminded me, I am my own boss. Out of the mouths of babes, lol.   I asked "Why don't I make us coffee and enjoy the morning here instead"
  Okay before the Parent's here freak out about kids and coffee.  When I make her coffee I make her kid coffee.  It's something I started with my godsons and niece decades ago  They were always very hyper active in the mornings and auntie needed a little more calm to have enjoy time with them,honestly.  Coffee & caffeine work differently for different people and kids.   So with parents permission I tried it and more times than not with the people in our life, it brought a little calm balance.  Kids coffee at our house is a little more than a splash of coffee, mixed with Milk, half & half or flavored creamer, mainly milk.   If they want it hot like mine, that meant they got warm milk & coffee at the same time.  I still believe the combo works for balancing me and others as well, but that's just me. 

So back to Dream morning, I made us our coffees & we took our mugs to the backyard.   We Enjoyed talking, sipping our coffee, watching the turtles and enjoying the blessings of the day.   When we finished our coffee, she wanted to go in, so she went her way and I went back to email, connections, working.& Yoga.   After a while of focused time, I got curious to see if she was awake.  She was and immediately asked to take the dogs for a walk.  Walking him daily as I know I should has been my own struggle as our boy out grew me in size fairly quickly so there's been fears, I needed to walk through.   When she asked, I decided to walk through a little more Fear.  I grabbed some Peace & Calming, applied it on me, wafted it through my energy field and then began petting him as I was putting his harness & the new collar on.   We headed out with the New collar attached & harness for back up.  The kitties were out front so he got a little more rambunctious in the collar than my comfort level allowed so we switched to harness & changed direction.   We enjoyed a beautiful walk talking and working with him, she made it playful and helps us grow in so many ways.   Who knew she could teach me more than I could teach her sometimes.   So thankful, I decided to take that leap and believe in me, in our family and our Dreams.  Our Dreams to help us and others believe in themselves more each day, making Feeling good Top priority matters, it truly does.   The more I feel good inside about myself the more I have to share, love and shine on others. 

If you have read this far you are a True Rock Star and you deserve to live the Life of your Dreams.   What makes your heart flutter and your energy soar?  Do you know?  Or are you like I was, doing for others so much, you forgot about what you loved and dreamed?   Finding yourself stuck in anxiety, depression, not good enoughs and negative self talk?   If you said yes to any of the questions above, thank you and welcome to our tribe.  You are loved and appreciated for who you are, where you are, as you are!!!  

Only request...You want to Be your Best version of you everyday
And of course the 3 golden rules in our world...Love, Compassion & Kindness for ourselves & all others.  
Where you are right now is right where you are supposed to be and it's A Okay.   I love you, We love you, You are Enough...Now Go out and Love yourself more and more each day, ti next time.  Peace & Purple


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