Hello Beautiful souls,

Happy Aloha Friday, I lost the blog I started  yesterday, forgot to hit the Save draft, my bad.  My frustration in the oops had me blocked after that, so my apologies for delay.  When I created this design I was in another transitional time in my life and businesses.  I had been struggling in all areas and when I reached out to the YL community as a whole, I found hope, love & grace which was exactly what I needed.   So many times in the last 5 years while finding my best Health & Wellness path, the YL Community has been an amazing resource to guide & point me in the right direction.  For that I am thankful and grateful as I found a community that was inclusive and willing to help me find My Best Me with compassion, love & grace.  

I was and I am so excited about the full opportunity YL has given to me that I wanted to help others find their Best path as well.   Especially at that time, I was in extreme Introvert mode.  So I created this to help me & our team, out of the comfort zone and into the conversation service zone with a lil more ease.   Shirts with sayings for me help me speak & interact with others, in humour & love.   I need that at times to help me stay connected and especially back then as I lacked the confidence to speak up & reach out even if it could help.   

So much has changed for myself, family & team since I received my first bottle of Peace & Calming back in Peak of 2005, another big transitional time of my life.  It took me a long time to realize the full value of that bottle of Love.  I am glad I did and now I have way more opportunities to support my Body, Mind & Spirit in my journey of Health & Wellness.

It’s been quite the adventure for sure.  Who knew when I made that call, 5 years later I’d be living more of a life I dream, finding my passions, releasing traumas & triggers with ease, helping others find their passions & purpose, supporting family, team & communities in so many more healthier ways.   And all the things expanding my skills along the way from KAY Yoga Certification, Reiki II Practitioner, Many workshops on AFT, tons of Business training, Masterclasses in Business, in Personal Development and so much more.   I had started using EFT in Feb 2015 & continue to use it alongside Essential oils to help myself & those interested to find ways to begin their own healing journey.  Most of all I found Hope of a better way to Live & Be, life doesn’t have to be hard all the time, that’s the Biggest Gift I found when I decided to invest in myself and my well being.   Change Begins in Me and Shift your Shitake, cause that’s the bottom line are phrases I & We say as it really does, no one else can do it for me and I can’t do it for anyone else.   We have to take & invest the time in ourselves to find our Best life, what’s right for me could be wrong for you, what’s right for you could be wrong for me and it’s okay.  If we want out of the insanity of the groundhog day life, we have to want something more and take the actions to make the changes in ourselves.   We can’t change anyone else or outside circumstances.  We can only change & account for ourselves, our reactions & our emotions.  Which is awesome as it gives us the opportunity to change our perspectives on life and therefore change our reactions & responses to life.   I am worth it, You are worth it and We are all worth it.   I know for me, how I show up for me first, matters.  I used to think I had to show up first and just deal with what was dealt, keeping busy, putting me on the back burner and pushing through life.   What I have learned is when I show up for me first, I can then show up whole, full cup as my best self and see the world as a whole with more love, grace & compassion in the knowing we are all doing the best we can in any given moment. But for the Grace there go I.  We can’t do better until we know better, then and only then can we choose to Be Better, it’s a choice we all have.   I choose to feed, tend and grow the light in me more while healing the darkness in me along the journey.   What I give out comes back 3 fold, time & time again my life has shown me this simple yet profound statement in good & bad ways by what I gave.   If I want more love, I give more love, honesty give more, abundance give more, more action give more, if we want more whatever give more of it.   We are here for a Reason and a Purpose and I love helping others find theirs too, especially our hardcore heart centered caretaker souls, grumpy & exhausted from taking care of everyone else first and forgetting to fill our cups.   We are worth it, how we show up matters, life can be what we choose create each day.   How are you going to show up for you each day?   Check out the Video I made for Freaking Fluffing Affirmations and see how it feels to you.  See you next week.  I love & appreciate you.


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