Did you know Heal your Body: Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical way to overcome them. By Author Louise Hay, was one of the first pivot points in my Shift to small changes in my lifestyle.   I bought it in 2003 at a lil quirky shop The Purple Avocado with a Purple door in Carson city, NV   I don't do diets, rigorous exercise programs and regimens, they don't work for me and I knew I needed a change.  What I was doing up until then wasn't working for me.

I had an amazing experience with an awesome Massage and Physical therapist, I don't recall their name, I'm better with energy than names, right before finding this book.  They helped me feel more confident in finding alternatives to what I had been doing up until then.

My body from overwork & overwhelm not taking time to pause & listen to my own self care first, this is getting better and the struggle is real, Up until now.  Listening to all the Internal & External Negative talk and being a part of it at times too.   That Going, going, going, pushing, telling, forcing and shoving through til my body would crash on me.   That time I was looking at surgery on both wrists with a 50% chance of pain relief on top of the rest of my out of control life. Lol  That didn't feel right for me. 

So I Postponed and started researching, stories of success, talking & listening to people that had overcome the physical & mental health challenges of life and found solutions for better lives even with the Woes of life.💜💜💜

If I gave up every time I was knocked down or told I couldn't do it, I wouldn't be where & who I am today.   For that I am proud even in the contrast of life, I know my journey and how far I've come.  For this, I'm thankful 💜💜💜

We always have the opportunity to Begin each Day a New.  We are always more than, We are worthy and We are not less than because of it.

I still have that lil pocketbook today, dog eared and torn pages from carrying it with me so long and I refer back to it often, whenever my body speaks.  Whenever something pops up and now I add other tools to support and enhance the practice even more as well, it's still my Go To.  


I'm thankful for lil treasures like these on my path & Journey to figure out more of what I can do, what is possible and what are the next steps that are right for me.  I share these in hopes it can help someone that says "Hey that's me too", find their Best path for their own Recovery & Wellness Journey.  

It may look different than mine and that's okay.  Thank you for being here, being open, being vulnerable, being raw, being real, being honest and being willing to Shift and Change the things in you that no longer serve your Best life.    

Even if my vibe isn't right for you, that's okay today.  Find your Best Vibe Tribe,  partners in believing and Soar to your Best Life.  Find Your Best solutions for You, that's what life's about.

And let's meet and gather to share our Stories of overcoming, belonging, vibrancy of life, Dreams and endeavors, drumming circles, Fun & Games, Dancing, Hiking, raising each other up, listening to each other, seeing each other where we are right now, here today.

This is where I started and today...I am where I am.  This week's design was created in honor of my past and all it took to get here.  I love you all and I'm thankful for all of you and the Lessons and Blessings a long the way.

This was created as to be honest, Yep this is me.  I am in a healing process and I do my best to stay centered and in my Woosah Zone.   And at times I am triggered, the Hood in me will always be in me.   It's the survival part of me that got me here and this far. 

 The Good in me is the one I choose to Feed the Positive things and healing the past triggers & traumas for Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness.  It's a process for sure, the more I heal the more I reveal and heal today.  For that I am thankful and Grateful.   This Design is a Fun Sassy Inspirational way for me to Recognize Who I am today, while honoring who got me here and where I can be again, but for Grace.  

I love Sharing Stories from my journey so others may find hope, strength and courage to find their own path too.   


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