Live, Love, Laugh...We are all doing our Best on our walk home

This is a Wood burning gift Jazz and I created, we loved it so much, we decided to use the design in our shop.  We have it in Retro also from when I first started and hadn't learned how to edit the photos.   As I grow myself, family, team, tribe and business I have learned and gained the invaluable skills of Love and Grace for myself and loved ones.   Life is a Journey and we can choose how we show up for ourselves and the world around.   As an empath & many trauma survivor, I had difficulty, separating energies, mine from others, trauma response to the now which caused lots of Dis-Ease in my Mind, Body & Spirit and overall relationships.   After lots of Shifting of my own Shitake and continuously shifting, I have learned what's my Shitake and how to stay in my lane.  We now live a Life more and more that we love, reminding ourselves in the everyday, day to day, when we Live, Love & Laugh more often, Miracles happen.   What do you Choose to Create today, I choose a Life of Living, Loving and Laughing as much as possible.  We love that we live in a world filled with Rainbows reminding us to Live, Love and Laugh to our hearts content,   We love you, We appreciate you and We are here to Join hands and Shine like the Beautiful Beaches we are.   

We love encouraging, empowering each other while holding each other accountable with Love and Grace.   We do our best to see the Purple of life as it's a color of inclusivity, vibrancy & courage, the Crystal of life as it's transparent, crystal clear, energy filled vibes fit with our tribe vibe and the 333 for the belief, what we give out comes back 3 fold, shift happens in 3's and Angels, Ancestors & Higher Power of our choice always have our back, they love, appreciate and will guide us on this path and journey with Love, Grace and Fun when we Ask and Allow,     

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If you are interested in seeing how you could start or turn your side gig in to your main gig, in 90 days, join our Rise & Shine Event tonight @630pm pst.  Let's get prepped and Ready for Monday 2/22 Kick off the Challenge.  I am so amused and love watching this all unfold, letting go of my control side more and more to allow the inspired actions and Miracles to show up everyday...So so Worth every bit for me and our Family for sure.   Very thankful, grateful and blessed.    

I am getting ready for the First of 2 weekends of Moms Garage sale, they began Dreaming this Dream and soon it's part of their everyday.  They remind me to keep dreaming stay positive and keep moving.  With that said next week will include 2 videos at least one Replay from our Zooms and a video from me.   This week is the replay from last night our Fun high vibing interview with Susie of Teeny Dogss.

Thank you and Choose Create a Great Day


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