I got off track on these blogs for a bit as I needed to focus on Family and Me Time to get Grounded and Centered for me.  I found myself in old patterns of Saying Yes, when I really meant No.  I thought doing for others was more important than me and how I was feeling.  And if I asked for help to walk through a No, it was the right thing to do.   Btw, it was not, in fact it was my biggest lesson this year and let me just say 2021 has had some doozies for me and us, for sure.
I am so thankful for all the lessons and blessings that life has to offer on a Daily basis.  I have struggled with finding, loving & being myself for far too long.  I am thankful and grateful for Tam & Jazz as they help me navigate the art of communication, unconditional love, listening with compassion, hearing & speaking with an open mind and heart while giving grace so I am here in the present.  When you have had as many traumas as I have had and continued to have with judgements, jokes & riducule from others, up until now I took them personally.  
Change Begins in Me...
Today I know that's not mine to own, it took a long time to get here.   And because of that I stay in my lane and work on the lessons for me, owning my part and letting others learn in their time.   Does it mean I do it perfect, Fluff No.  Life is Imperfectly Imperfect and so are We.  We can't do better until we know better.   It doesn't feel good to me anymore to be a part of or stuck in the Blame, Shame, Guilt trip, gossip game.   It feels so much better to me, to own my Shitake and let others do the same.  If we can and choose to help each other walk through it with more Love, Grace and Compassion awesome, it's an amazing journey thus far and I look forward to the Shifts and Gifts Daily.   Btw Abundance flows in so many more ways than just the $$$ and the Blessings are so much more Priceless than I ever imagined.   Truly Thankful on this gorgeous Thursday.  All this was to say I am going back to my original blogs about the Designs, the journey and the shifts behind them so I can share more of my journey with you.  I share so others may learn, so maybe just maybe someone else doesn't have to take the longer harder road.   We are all Unique depending on our experiences something that works for me, may not work for you, that's okay, let's find something that does.    My geek out moments are personal development and finding what can work, finding Fun Creative Sustainable Solutions for everday What the Fluffs, Can make life even in the Freaking Chaos a lil Better.   From the Better Shift we Can find more possibilities and solutions.   I Believe in all of us, I Believe we Can do all the things we Love and that Feel good to us.   It may not look the same to me as it does to you and it still Can be Right for We.   Why do I say that, because the 3 of us in this house prove it on a regular basis and it works for us.  It feels so much better than how we were showing up for each other until we began our journey.  For me it started 8 years ago, the next big step was 7 years ago and each year Since receiving this home as the opportunity it was.   I was a Single mom as Tam and I were friends, helping each other through life and building a foundation of trust and unconditional love.  Each year after has brought even more steps to where we are now. Enjoying Being Present for each other, Thankful we make the time.   It's not always easy and yet each day it proves to be so worth it, individually and as a family.

Btw, Did you see my last blog?   Totally forgot to email it and share.   If I can start the process of how I am showing up for me and my family, anyone can.  We just have to be ready to do the hard work of looking within, finding the lessons and stopping the patterns that have followed so many of us.  We create whatever patterns we want in our lives and Eliminate by releasing those we want less of.   We Can Do it, we may not be able to directly help people, however, indirectly Shifts can happen for Even better, when holding Space even if from afar with Love, Grace and Compassion.   Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

BTW, Do you Resonate as a Femme?   Did you hear about the diverse Butch Femme Community many of us are a part of?  I'd love to share more and have more involved if it you'd love to be a part, the Retreat (In Person or Virtual) is Next Month October 25 to 27th and right now there is a Silent Auction for awesome items that help fund part of the event.  Let me know if you'd love more info.

Either way enjoy your Day in your Best way.


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