Every day we have a choice.  We get a chance to Choose & Create each day by the way we feel.  My Choice is to enjoy each day & feel good inside as much as possible.   

What do you choose today?

Read more in to what this means to me below the Tee.  Either way, enjoy your Day in your Best Way.   


I am sitting here and looking back where I was when I created this design, I was flat broke, money was on the way but not sure when it was coming in, creditors calling with threats, lost lots of people a long the way with the things I had to walk through and shift in me.   Up until then, I thought because I didn't know how to do a business & didn't know who to trust or why I was failing at everything at that time I wasn't Enough and I was a Failure.   This was another big shift in me as up until then I really thought I had to react to all the things going on around me, especially if it was something that triggered in me.  I thought that I had to shout out and stand up, no matter what the consequences, that's the warrior Survivor mode in me.  At the point I created this I had been fighting my way through life & business, doing all the things I was learning & being told while feeling awkward and out of place most the time.  I was still trying to fix everything and me, reacting rather than responding, focusing on all the outer stuff rather than being curious on what else I could heal each time I was triggered.  Up until then I was giving up my energy & power to all the outer stuff.  I thought if others didn't understand, made fun of, ignored, rude to, were in fear or anything I didn't agree with I thought there was something wrong with me, that was the Victim in me.   

This Design was created as I began the full shift of getting vulnerable asking for help, healing me one piece at a time, each trigger is another piece of me I can find peace with, not because what happened was okay but for me to live in the present time, rather than reacting from safety trauma triggers of my past, in the knowing that we are all doing the best we can at any given time.  

 That Grace for myself and others allows me the Love frequency space to allow others the grace to be themselves and if they aren't ready to heal themselves, no worries I love you so much.  I can love from afar & I don't have to allow it in my space, with Love & Compassion.   I am way more than the trauma that brought me here, from those traumas rather than staying in Victim I shifted to Victor so I may relate to others that resonate and together we allow the Safe Space to speak it, accept it, process it and gain our own insight for ourselves.   This Design reminds me, when I am in Love with me and all the Messes, Stresses and Blesses, that's what I have control of.  In 2020 and Now this was brought to the forefront for me, family, tribe, team and community.   I am reminded of the Serenity Prayer from the 12 Steps,  My version is.

Universe, Ancestors & Angels Grant me the Peace & Calming to accept those things I can't change which are outside of me, the Valor & Courage to change the things outside & in me I can Change as Change Begins in Me and the Knowledge & Insight to know the Difference so I may Respond in Love & Grace with me and others.   

I am responsible for how I show up for me and others each and every day, no one else.  When I am responsible for my energy & frequency healing me first, I can show up with a Full cup and see others with more compassion.  It's been an inner journey of healing my child within, so I can show up today as My Authentic self no matter what others think or say or feel.  I am Me, I am not for everyone and that's okay today.  I am Real, Raw, Vulnerable full of Love and Light most the time and yet I have shadows that I work through just like most people.  I have no claim to perfection or competing (unless it's a game, then it's on) lol.  I know that I have been and at times am a Hot mess piece of work, up until now, I thought it was a bad thing.   Today I know giving myself the Grace to allow the mess while cleaning up the mess in myself first and all that surrounded me, 1 step at a time.  I can heal me, 1 piece at a time and share that with those ready to do the same for themselves too,   This is the long version of my story behind this Creation, each design and Creation I make has a piece of Love & Light Energy as I make each one with my Heart Center aligned and turned up.

  I love what I do, each and every day and when I have gratitude, forgiveness, love, grace and compassion in my life Starting in the morning and growing throughout the day for me and loved ones a long the way, Miracles happen and Dreams Do Come True.   Self Love & Self Care Matters most.  We need our Oxygen mask before we can help & serve others from our own Hardcore (Real & Raw) & Heart Centered Caretaker Soulsat least this is what I have found and live on a daily basis.  I love you and look forward to walking each other home, side by side, We Rise in to our Own Best Lives.  

See you on one of our Team Community support Zoom calls soon, Mondays @ 10am, Come Shift your Shitake with us to kick off your week, Wellness Wednesday we do a mid week check in to see what else we can shift and Every other week we have Rise & Shine on Thursdays to check in for Biz &  Shift happens, then Sip & Meditate to Center and enjoy our Saturdays and then on Sunday FundayReminder of things we can all do to Enjoy our Days with Family, Friends & Loved ones that Raise our Vibes.   Here's a Full link to our Events.    See you next week in our Newsletter, Thank you, I am Grateful to have you in our lives and on this walk through life.  You are amazing for waking up & doing you, I love you so much.

With Love, Appreciation and Gratitude, Many Blessings to you, Thank you for Reading and investing the time.



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