Reminder for me and our Loved ones to learn how to Enjoy life more & more with Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love and Grace.  Starting within and sharing that without to our Loved ones and the World.

Do & Be What Feels Good.  I have Found Life isn't about Doing, Proving, Buying more & more, It's about Being More.  Being More Present, Loving, Kind, Compassionate and all the good things, for more Focus on all the Good to Bring more Good in.   It's a circle of life & energy, what we give out, we get back.  I struggled with the full understanding of this as I was a mirror to the energy given to me for so long, forgetting my inner core & values and instead matching others energy.   

Today it's more important for me to Live in a Space of my own Inner Power, Peace, Love & Happiness while speaking my truth, than Being liked by all.  I am not for everyone, in fact I may annoy the Shitake out of you with how I speak and share if you may not resonate with Being a Hard Core Heart Centered Caretaker Soul and that's totally okay.  I love and appreciate you as you are and hope you do your Best you in everyway that works for you.   If you Resonate awesome freaking sauce, We welcome you with open arms, Hot Mess piece of Work, Awesome Success desiring a different way with more ease & grace, show up Authentic, Coachable ready to compete only with Being Better than the You, you were yesterday

Guess what Love & Grace are Free to have and share.   What would you Love?  What would you Love to do, be and have?   What I've learned is Showing up in Love & Grace for Myself and allowing that more and more,  Feels so much Better and Brings so much more Joy & Happiness rather than the contrast of pushing & shoving through life.    Life's Good, when we allow ourselves the Love & Grace we've given out for so long and forgot to give ourselves. 

Then & only then Can I show up more and more in the Love Frequency...

My Energy & Space is my responsibility, no matter what is happening outside of me,  Change Begins in Me.

Who would Love to start or Reset of 7 Weeks to Shift Your Shitake?  Curious, check out my YT Video on Why I say that...


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